[Samba] access denied for License manager on Win2000

Koenraad Lelong samba.k.lelong at ace-electronics.be
Wed May 17 09:58:17 GMT 2006

I don't remember if it's the first time I'm accessing the license 
manager on a Win2000-server machine since the transfer of my NT-PDC to 
samba 3.0.20b, but now I can't access it. I get the message that I have 
to be administrator on the domain (translation from Dutch : "To open 
LicenseManager, you have to be manager of the domain where the 
licenseinformation of your network is stored. If you are servermanager, 
you can manage the licenses via LicenseManager of the ControlPanel"). 
Unfortunatly I am logged in as domain-administrator. Even if I log in as 
user "root" of the PDC, I'm denied access. I can manage users and 
machines with those user-names, so I don't know what's happening.
Any suggestions were I should look to solve this ? Could it be that this 
information was stored on the old PDC, which I removed some time ago 
(even information about this Win2000-server ?) ?
Thanks for any help you can provide.
Koenraad Lelong
ACE electronics

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