[Samba] Smbmount and credentials

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Mon May 15 23:46:28 GMT 2006

> smbmount // /mnt/backup rw uid=root gid=root
> credentials=/etc/smbcreds
> Can anyone tell me why it isn't reading the password from the
> credentials file

Probably because you forgot the -o flag, and there aren't any commas
between the options :-)

smbmount // /mnt/backup -o rw,uid=root,gid=root,credentials=/etc/smbcreds

> and why the printer admin warning is appearing?

There is a 'printer admin = ...' option in your smb.conf.  If you're
not sharing any printers, remove this line to get rid of the error.


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