[Samba] PDC with 2 NICs problem

Roy McMorran mcmorran at mdibl.org
Fri May 12 14:11:39 GMT 2006

Hello Samba List,

I'm running a Samba 3.0.22 PDC on Solaris 9.  Things got a bit peculiar 
when I added a 2nd network interface.

The two subnets are a primary network that carries all the client 
traffic and a tape-backup/admin network that is not accessible to any 
clients, ie.
aaa.bbb.ccc.241 - bge0 - primary network (address suppressed) - bge1 - admin/backup network

I've configured Samba (I think) to ignore the admin network...

        socket address = aaa.bbb.ccc.241
        interfaces = bge0 lo0
        bind interfaces only = true
        hosts allow = aaa.bbb.ccc. , 127.

However, some devices are getting the notion that there is a PDC at and are trying to contact it (which of course they 
cannot).  For instance (this is a NetApp that is a domain member):

grunthos> cifs testdc
Testing all Primary Domain Controllers
found 2 unique addresses

Fri May 12 09:56:55 EDT [auth.dc.trace.DCConnection.statusMsg:info]: 
AUTH: TraceDC- Found 2 BDC addresses through WINS.
Fri May 12 09:56:55 EDT [auth.dc.trace.DCConnection.statusMsg:info]: 
AUTH: TraceDC- Found 2 PDC addresses through WINS.
found PDC TRILLIAN at aaa.bbb.ccc.241
Not able to communicate with PDC
trying May 12 09:57:07 EDT 
[auth.dc.GetDCName.failed:error]: AUTH: Error 0x0 while trying to get 
Domain Controller name for Timed out waiting for reply.

I'd expect it to find only aaa.bbb.ccc.241 - Any idea what am I missing 

The PDC is also the WINS server, in case that matters.



Roy McMorran
Systems Administrator
MDI Biological Laboratory
mcmorran at mdibl.org

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