[Samba] Problem with adding printer drivers in Windows XP

Tom savagephp at gmail.com
Thu May 11 20:13:59 GMT 2006

Well, I'm trying to add drivers to the server through the Properties 
dialog box for my printer. Right click on the printer, left click 
Properties, Advanced tab, New Driver button type of thing. Except that 
the New Driver button is greyed out. I've checked and my user has the 
SePrintOperatorPrivilege rights assigned to him but it still does not 
work. I can write files and create directories in the 
\\nightwolf\print$\W32X86 folder with both my user and the administrator 
user. I can't make sense of the logs really, there's too much garbage in 
them to make heads or tails of anything myself. I'd be happy to send 
along a copy of the log files if someone could take a look; just let me 
know what log level and which log files to send.

I appreciate your help.


Ryan Novosielski wrote:
> Hash: SHA1
> Tom wrote:
>> Well, all the below tests succeeded without changing anything but I
>> still cannot upload drivers from WinXP. One thing I did notice though,
>> is that I cannot 'su' to a domain user; ie: 'su
>> SAVAGEPHP\\administrator' fails with the message: Unknown id:
>> SAVAGEPHP\administrator. Any thoughts on that?
> That's probably not supposed to work, unless you're using winbindd or
> something like that. I personally am not. The person you'd have to su to
>  would be the account that the account maps to.
> That said, I can't see where you've actually said what the failure mode
> is, what errors you see, how you know it doesn't work... etc. It's going
> to be impossible for anyone to help if you don't let us know what's
> actually taking place.
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