[Samba] rpcclient enumdrivers fails with WERR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Thu May 11 18:26:19 GMT 2006

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Ryan Novosielski wrote:
>>> Not personally familiar with doing traces -- I'm assuming I would use
>>> tcpdump to capture the output and then run a trace on the output with
>>> ethereal, or can it be used to do the entire thing? Will it still work
>>> if rpcclient and smbd are running on the same host?
>>> I'd be happy to find out how it's done and get on that, just want to
>>> make sure I'm on the right track. This is stuff I should already have
>>> learned anyway. ;)
> Ryan,
> The following command is sufficient for me (assuming ethernet)
>   $ tcpdump -n -w /tmp/dump.pcap -s 1514 port 139 or port 445
> Just email me the dump.pcap file.  Thanks,


Turns out the problem was partially my own. The error was caused by my
using //HOSTNAME rather than just HOSTNAME with rpcclient. When I omit
the slashes like I'm supposed to, there is no error message.

That said, it still doesn't work. I have a lot of printers with drivers
assigned that work fine but enumdrivers returns nothing. Here is an
excerpt from enumprinters, that illustrates the driver mapping:

description:[\\rwja-lm\ljpoff2,hp LaserJet 3380 PCL 6,ACS Piscataway -
S-B11 - HP LaserJet 4]
comment:[ACS Piscataway - S-B11 - HP LaserJet 4]

The dump.pcap file is attached to this message. I tried this on 3.0.22
this morning and it seems to work OK (I run 3.0.11), however, like I
said, IIRC this breaks only after I have all of my production drivers in
place (which I don't have time to add to the development host that is
running 3.0.22 just yet).

HTH anyway,
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