[Samba] rpcclient enumdrivers fails with WERR_UNKNOWN_PRINTER_DRIVER

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Thu May 11 16:41:17 GMT 2006

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Gerald (Jerry) Carter wrote:
> Ryan Novosielski wrote:
>>>> EnumDrivers() does take a printer an as argument IIRC.
>>> Not so, according to 'man rpcclient':
> My stupid typing again.  It'll get me in deep trouble one day....
> Meant to say "does not take a printername"
>>> This is another one that's been broken for me for ages. 
>>> I think it used to work before I had any/many
>>> drivers on the system. Once I got a few
>>> installed, however, all bets were off. My personal wild
>>> guess is a punctuation issue. I've run into this before,
>>> where a driver .INF included punctuation somewhere
>>> in the driver spec that got misinterpreted -- in that
>>> case I believe it was a parenthesis.
>>> Here's what I get running that command:
>>> rpcclient $> enumdrivers
> Wha!?  Hmmm...ok.  I'm convinced.  I don't have time right
> now to look into this.  Could you send me an ethereal trace
> of the failure ?

Not personally familiar with doing traces -- I'm assuming I would use
tcpdump to capture the output and then run a trace on the output with
ethereal, or can it be used to do the entire thing? Will it still work
if rpcclient and smbd are running on the same host?

I'd be happy to find out how it's done and get on that, just want to
make sure I'm on the right track. This is stuff I should already have
learned anyway. ;)
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