[Samba] Samba over Debian Sarge 3.1 R1. This File server store MDB and XLS files.

Eric Warnke ericew at gmail.com
Thu May 11 14:50:25 GMT 2006

You have asked this question several times and received replies every time.

1) The performance of MS Access over the network is poor under any
server, windows servers may buy you more time, but not a lot.  The
performance of MS Access on the network is inversely proportional to a
combination of number of clients, latency of the network, size of
database, and write pattern of your application.  As ANY of these
values increase your performance will go into the toilet no matter
what server you use.

2) You continue to tweak setting that you should not ( ie write cache
size ) and have been told by Jeremy that it is not a good idea, yet
those values continue to part of your config.  When Jeremy states
explicitly that the setting will do no good, I would listen.

I really don't want to discourage you from using SAMBA, but you must
help yourself and have realistic expectations as to the scalability of
your application.  Personally I would remove all tuning from the
smb.conf and then do testing by adding and removing various
combinations of tunings until you find something that is both
acceptable in terms of performance and stability.  You should also
investigate any tuning of the underlying system that may also help I/O
throughput on your system as a whole, you might be surprised how much
that can help.

The best solution would be to abandon your MS Access database and
develop ( with your shiny new Debian box ) a LAMP style solution that
will provide you with much more scalability and portability, but I
realize that is probably not going to happen.


On 5/9/06, daniel arjona <arjonad at genco.com> wrote:
> I have a file server running with Samba  over Debian Sarge 3.1 R1.  This
> File server store MDB and XLS files.  Could anybody give me an optimal
> setup for my samba server (smb.conf).  Actually, the performance is very
> poor.
> I really apreciate your help as soon as possible.  My supervisor wants to
> change the operating system (Linux) for Windows 2003 Server.   I do not
> want to do that.  I love Linux.
> Thanks,
> [global]
> workgroup = REVLON
> netbios name = FILE_SRV
> security = user
> encrypt passwords = yes
> passwd program = /usr/bin/passwd %u
> unix password sync = yes
> hosts deny = ALL
> hosts allow = 172.18.40.
> debug level = 1
> create mask = 0777
> directory mask = 0775
> read raw = no
> write cache size = 262144
> # oplocks = no
> veto oplock files = /*.mdb/*.MDB/
> myshare]
> comment = Arjona's Files
> path = /home/darjona
> valid users = darjona pc08 pc18
> public = no
> writable = yes
> printable = no
> browseable = yes
> Daniel Arjona
> Net Admin
> GENCO Distribution Systems
> http://www.genco.com/
> 8740 Robert Fulton Dr
> Columbia, MD 21046
> Ph: 410-872-0875 X12
> Fax: 410-872-0877
> arjonad at genco.com
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