[Samba] Write access doesn't grant delete access?!

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Wed May 10 23:46:32 GMT 2006

> There is a special Linux security attribute which in effect says only
> owner can delete...  I forget the exact value,  but got bitten by it
> once.

I think that's the 'sticky' attribute (that is normally used for /tmp)

> try to apply chmod 0770 or whatever you want to remove all the
> special attributes.  Tell us how it goes.

I tried chmod 0775 (which is what I expected the permissions to be) on
the directory, and the standard permissions didn't change, the ACLs
weren't altered, and I still can't delete the file.  Looks like it's
not any unusual permissions.

> You may also want to lsattr the file and make sure it's not immutable
> or something.

lsattr gives me an "Inappropriate ioctl for device" error, which I
assume from reading the manpage is because I'm using a reiserfs
filesystem (and lsattr seems to be for ext2fs only.)

Thanks for your ideas,

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