[Samba] AD users from different AD domains - update

Lionel Déruaz lderuaz at free.fr
Wed May 10 13:15:34 GMT 2006


in a previous post, i was describing the behaviour with samba 3.0.21rc1
(winbind in particular) :

- We have a single AD forest, whith different domains, A & B.
- The group, in domain A, we use for our authentication process
user from the 2 domains A & B.

While using wbinfo, i cannot succeed to get a positive answer when i
ask if a user from domain B belongs or not to the group. (but the user
belongs to this group)

In other words, i would like to know if it is possible to check the
membership of a
user in a group of another AD domain ?

This was supposed to be linked to the bug#3530.

Does anyone know if this issue is solved on new version , or if a patch
exists ?

Thanks in advance

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