[Samba] Samba on 3.0.22 on HP-UX 11i - mon.out?

Ryan Novosielski novosirj at umdnj.edu
Tue May 9 14:38:20 GMT 2006

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After a long hiatus from attention to Samba, I've started to compile the
latest version (3.0.22) on HP-UX 11i for testing. I've noticed a couple
of things.

1) For some reason, on my test system, every execution of any program
that comes in the Samba suite drops "mon.out" files everyplace.
Everything I can find about this says that it's something to do with
library locations and related to "prof" -- not sure what that is. Anyone
else having this problem?

2) I see that passdb_backend's default may have changed? Without placing
a directive in 3.0.11, I get smbpasswd as the default. On 3.0.22 I get
ldapsam_compat. I went looking back through the release notes -- didn't
see any mention of this change.

Thanks for any help/input anyone can provide. I know there aren't many
of you out there running on HP-UX, from previous experience on the list.
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