[Samba] Excessive traffic causing slow logons

Trimble, Ronald D Ronald.Trimble at unisys.com
Fri May 5 14:45:37 GMT 2006

Your crystal ball must be pretty good because changing the winbind enum
user and group entries to "no" did the trick.  The man page isn't very
specific about this change.  Are they any downsides to this setting?

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Trimble, Ronald D wrote:

> I am seeing some extremely slow logons to my SUSE servers.  All are
> configured exactly the same.  When I attempt to log on, I can enter my
> domain (AD) account without any problems.  I then enter my password
> sit and wait for several minutes until it eventually takes me to my
> desktop.  In attempting to debug the problem, we have been able to see
> millions of calls to the domain controller.  They all look similar to
> this...
> As you can imagine, we see millions of these over the 4 to 5 minutes
> takes to log on.  On the Windows side, the domain controller does not
> report any errors in the logs.  

You mention LDAP traffic but you say nothing about what the
traffic is actually doing nor do you give any details of how you
server is configured.  You could be using nss_ldap for all I know.

Just gazing into my crystal ball, I would ask whether or not
you have set 'winbind enum users = no' and 'winbind enum groups = no'?
If not, then do this first.

Then it would helpful to know more about your server.

> ...  Can anyone help me with this issue?  This
> issue is very quickly making us think twice about continuing 
> to use Samba.

That's your call.

cheers, jerry
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