[Samba] How does Samba find a domain controller?

Gautier, B (Bob) Bob.Gautier at rabobank.com
Fri May 5 13:47:30 GMT 2006


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> Gautier, B (Bob) wrote:
> >> The recommendation in the smb.conf manpage is 'name 
> resolve order = 
> >> wins bcast' when you are in security=ads mode, with a 
> remark that in 
> >> that case ADS-style DNS lookups are done anyway, first.  Is my 
> >> reading right?
> If the man page says that, it's wrong.  DNS lookups are only 
> performed if you have host in the 'name resolve order'
> list.  I can double check, but I'm pretty sure this is how we 
> coded it up.
> > Samba 3.0.23 will query the correct
> > _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.<domain> name and includes affinity 
> for a server 
> > once connected so that for example winbindd will reconnect to the 
> > server used during the domain join to avoid lags in 
> replication delays 
> > between DCs.
> > 
> >> Is that in pre1, or still to come?
> The server affinity patches are in 3.0.23pre1.  The new DNS 
> lookup routines are still in development.
> >> So as I understand it there is no plan to do any 'nearest DC' 
> >> guessing (which is what Windows appears to do, based on IP address 
> >> comparisons) but we can influence choice of DC by what we 
> put in the 
> >> DNS in the first place, and by firewalling to prevent access to 
> >> inappropriate (e.g. offsite) DCs?
> You mean the Site name stuff ?  I'm working on integrating 
> the CLDAP queries but I haven't looked at the Site stuff much.
> We used to pick DC's based on network address and that was horrible.

I might mean Site name stuff -- my understanding of exactly how Windows
does it is hazy.  I've got enough detail for my purposes now, and
knowing that Samba once *did* do address-based choice, has stopped, and
presumably won't ever do it again is useful.

> Note that for you own domain you can specify 'password server 
> = foo.dom.ain *' to give preference to a specific DC.  This 
> doesn't work for trusted domains though.

Another useful trick!

Thanks again,

Bob G

> cheers, jerry
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