[Samba] How does Samba find a domain controller?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri May 5 12:52:55 GMT 2006

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Gautier, B (Bob) wrote:
> During some recent testing of winbindd (3.0.22) in 
> a multi-domain, multi-DC AD context, the AD expert I was
> working with was very interested in winbindd's choice
> of domain controller (it apparently was not choosing
> the one(s) AD-expert expected).
> I understand that Windows domain members have an algorithm based 
> on DNS SRV records and IP address comparison, and I've seen
> some code posted in the last few days that suggests this
> is only 'under development' for Samba.
> Can someone spell out to me the way Samba looks up DCs 
> and chooses amongst them?  For extra points: is there a
> way we can influence the choice?

ok.  Here goes.  This applies to >= 3.0.14.

The process breaks down into 2 parts:  finding a list of
domain controllers, and then choosing which one to contact.

Finding a DC is dependent on the 'name resolve order
parameter' value.  NetBIOS lookups search for the
DOMAIN<0x1c>.  DNS lookups query for _ldap._tcp.<domain>.

Samba 3.0.23 will query the correct _ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.<domain>
name and includes affinity for a server once connected
so that for example winbindd will reconnect to the server
used during the domain join to avoid lags in replication
delays between DCs.

Once you have a list of IP addresses, winbindd will spray
all the DCs with a socket connect and select the first
one that replies.

cheers, jerry
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