[Samba] : Win XP Client does not remove directories

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu May 4 15:06:45 GMT 2006

On Fri, Apr 28, 2006 at 01:58:45PM +0200, Björn Mayer wrote:
> Hello mailinglist,
> I have a strange problem, which occurs sometimes on some WinXP clients. 
> It is not 100% reproducable for me, but it returns regular.
> The problem is, that somehow a user can't delete a directory. All files 
> in the directory will be removed successfully, but the directory itself 
> not.
> Deleting with the Explorer or over the cmd-console returns in the same 
> result.
> First the command seemed to be successful, but after one refresh all 
> "deleted" folders are back again, because they aren't physically removed 
> from the linux-box.
> I don't know, if it is an Samba or Windows Problem, because if i went to 
> another XP machine and do exactly the same (including connecting with 
> the same user and passwd) the folder will be removed successfully.
> Often one (sometimes more than one) restart on the "infected" PC will 
> fix it there, too.
> All Win-Machines are XP with Service Pack 2.
> As i already said, i don't know whom to blame for that. On the one hand 
> it seems to be a specific Windows-problem, because other machines does 
> not show the same behaviour at the same time under nearly the same 
> conditions.
> On the other hand nobody ever mentioned that with our old Win Server 
> 2003 Fileserver, who is nowadays replaced by Samba.

What does this error mean ? "Datei oder Verzeichnis
nicht gefunden". That's the strerror output string when
the remove_directory call fails.


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