[Samba] Russian CHARS

Vladimir Parkhomenko vlad at nkmz.donetsk.ua
Fri Mar 31 10:35:51 GMT 2006

Hello samba,

  How can mount (smbmount) MSWIN2003 resource from Linux client
  (RHEL4U2) to see russian.

  I am using following command:
  # smbmount //srv2/v$ /mnt/backup/srv2 -o 'credentials=userpass,iocharset=KOI8-R,codepage=koi8r'

  What I should use env. variables  or additional parameters from this
  command (smbmount) ?

  I see only that (but need russian and eng):
What Women Want

Best regards,
 Vladimir                          mailto:vlad at nkmz.donetsk.ua

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