[Samba] mount.cifs - packet signing problem

Terry td3201 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 21:55:08 GMT 2006


I am trying to mount a windows 2003 share using mount.cifs v1.10.   I
can successfully connect to and completely browse/download/etc the
share using smbclient.  I cannot with mount.cifs.  Here is my command:

mount.cifs //foonas01.foobar.com/foofiles /mnt/foofiles --verbose -o

Specifically, here is what I see when I mount the drive.

1) Mount the drive using command above without errors.
2) cd /mnt/foofiles
3) ls
4) Notice output of files/directories.
5) cd deeper into "protected" area where my ID has access
6) The shell takes notice of the cd and changes to that directory BUT
I do not actually cd into that directory.  ls contains the same list
of files/directories as /mnt/foofiles.  (this part is hard to explain)

I have tried different "sec" options including the packet signing ones
without success.  Also /proc/fs/cifs/PacketSigningEnabled contains a

Again, smbclient works just fine so I don't think  it is something I
am doing specifically that is breaking this.  However, I am open to


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