[Samba] samba 3 performance issues

Jeremy Allison jra at samba.org
Thu Mar 30 20:00:44 GMT 2006

On Thu, Mar 30, 2006 at 02:46:12PM -0500, Rohit Kumar Mehta wrote:
> Hi,
> The tests were done with BartPE/WindowsXP and with Knoppix 4.0 and
> smbmount.  Would smbmount perform much different than smbclient?
> I can certainly repeat the test using a different client tomorrow.
> The Celeron CPU may very well be our problem.  I wish it were a simple
> misconfiguration and not a hardware issue.

Yes, smbmount might perform differently from smbclient. I don't know
the smbfs codebase at all - I know a lot about the smbclient code :-).


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