[Samba] Mount a share from windows on a folder rather than a drive

Mansour Al-Aqeel mansour77 at ownmail.net
Thu Mar 30 18:45:28 GMT 2006

Hi Every body:
I have a questin and I dont know if this is the right place to ask. If
not please provide me with an advice.
I'm looking to mount a samba share form windows. However this is
possible if I want to map it as a drive.
Is't possible to mount it as a folder. example, let's say I need to
mount a remote share for extra programs.
Windows will allow me to do:
net use x: \\myserver 
but what if I need to connect \\myserver to a folder "c:\extra_prog"
Is't there a way around this without using links and short cuts ???

Thank you
  Mansour Al-Aqeel
  mansour77 at ownmail.net

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