[Samba] Access shares over IPSEC

bdbruin at aub.nl bdbruin at aub.nl
Thu Mar 30 09:11:27 GMT 2006

If you become a 'local' ip (eg. meaning a normal internal ip in your LAN)
wins should already been covered.

However you VPN concentrator or DHCP provide should forward you the ip of
the wins server.

To check this: use an ip from a server to connect to eg: \\<SERVERIP>
If this works, your wins server is not forwarded. You might be able the
configure this manually in the properties of your UMTS connection, however
I do not know if that will work.

Another issues could be the MTU of the connection. IPSEC adds some
overhead to the connection so packets from the server might not reach the
other side.

Good luck.

> Barry, Christopher wrote:
>> You could be SOL then.
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>>> Hm, but i don't no where i can this make.
>>> We connect over an IPSec-Client and here is it impossible to
>>> make WINS-entry.
>>> I become a local Ip (i.e. and that's all. I
>>> can't see my details of the IPSec connection.
>>> I have a internet connection via UMTS and with "ipconfig
>>> /all" I see only the details of the UMTS-internet connection.
> Well it's not the preferred method, but lmhosts can do the job.
> <windir>/system32/drivers/etc/lmhosts
> Add any machine names that are needed.
> Regards, Doug

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