[Samba] make a machine create an account in samba / ldap automagically

ict ict at wildernesse.kent.sch.uk
Thu Mar 30 08:32:25 GMT 2006


thought i would see if some one could help i have finally got a samba
ldap setup working near flawlessly, how ever the one thing i would like
is for a machine to create an account on joining the domain.

at present i need to add the account before hand which will just be an
extra job so i would like to automate this, i have about 300 + computers
to add to this domain.

I can add the machine using the IDEALX smbldap_useradd but i am not sure
it is creating all the info in ldap.

the commands below seem to add it in perfectly.

sudo useradd -d /dev/null -c "machine nickname" -s /bin/false ict1_01$ 
sudo passwd -l ict_01$
sudo pdbedit -a -m ict_01 

so i tryed making a bash script which samba would then call this seemed
not to work, i also read that the pdbedit should be auto run by samba if
this is the case i can only guess there is a problem some where.

can anyone offer some advice / suggestions if you need more info or log
files just let me know and at what level of logging you would like.


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