[Samba] domain controller cannot be contacted

Mark Rutherford mark at maunzelectronics.com
Wed Mar 29 15:44:29 GMT 2006

Hi Louis,

The reason I would say this is not it, is because it always happens on a 
You have not logged in yet... so nothing is running.

However, I will have to read up on this issue a bit. Did not know it 

Louis van Belle wrote:
> You know "User Hive Cleanup Service for XP, if not install it.
> http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=1B286E6D-8912-4E18-
> B570-42470E2F3582&displaylang=en
> I experienced problemen with loggin's because some programs 
> badly closes the registry, of a old connection with samba stays
> open.
> Louis
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>> Hi everyone,
>> I have struggled with this problem for awhile now. randomly and 
>> intermittently a workstation or
>> bunch of workstations will not be able to log in.
>> This is pretty much reproduceable at will, and here is what 
>> you need to 
>> do to get this little issue to show up:
>> 1. Log out and try to log in as a different user
>> 2. Attempt to login immediately after the machine is booted.
>> To ensure you can log in, if you boot your workstation in the morning 
>> and wait 2-3 minutes before trying to log in
>> you can log in no problem.
>> I have replaced our switch, cabling, network cards, tried many many 
>> things......
>> I took this a step further. I got 3 machines rounded up and 
>> built a mini 
>> network with its own switch.
>> Only these 3 machines were on this switch.
>> Of these 3 machines I installed a fresh copy of windows xp with sp2 on 
>> two of them.
>> Took our current config and slapped it onto the third machine running 
>> gentoo + samba
>> These 3 machines had not been exposed to our main network...
>> what makes this all so interesting..... I was able to join these 2 
>> workstations no problem with
>> default settings, no registry patches, nothing and it just worked.
>> I tried to reproduce this problem with this little test 
>> network and our 
>> smb.conf for hours on end.
>> It just never happened.
>> On our main network I can get this to occur every 2 minutes if 
>> I wanted to.
>> Our samba machine is doing wins as well, and the machines get 
>> this wins 
>> server info with their dhcp info.
>> Any ideas? Anything at all? This issue is...... just too hard to me to 
>> figure out.
>> Also, no indication of an error in any logs.
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Mark Rutherford
Maunz Electronics, Inc.

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