[Samba] Cups and samba problem

Guillaume RENARD guillaume.renard at gmail.com
Wed Mar 29 13:41:48 GMT 2006

Hello All,

I have a weird problem with samba and cups. My server name is scribe

I use samba 3.0.14a-1 and cups 1.1.22-0.rc1
My samba server is a member of a domain and I want him to be a printer
I set rights on printers via the windows interface (printers & fax on
But if in smb.conf [PRINTERNAME] is different with printer name=PRINTERNAME
(this one is equal in printersd.conf with <printer PRINTERNAME> my rights
are ignored, everyone can print.
If all the name are the same, it's OK, rights are applied.

printer name=TEST1
and in printerd.conf <printer TEST1>
---> OK


[TEST 2]
printer name=TEST2
and in printerd.conf <printer TEST2>
---> Not OK

Does anyone have an idea ?

Where the rights access are defines ( is it in a tdb file) ?

Guillaume RENARD

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