[Samba] File versioning with Samba (on a Linux filesystem)?

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Tue Mar 28 20:12:53 GMT 2006

I'm pretty sure this can be done with a VFS module.
I couldn't say exactly which one though.


28 mar 2006 kl. 19:38 skrev Terry Jones:

> Apologies if this question is answered somewhere obvious. I just  
> spent a
> couple of hours surfing around trying to find an answer.
> I'd like to provide windows clients with access to files via samba  
> and have
> samba (or other) do file versioning. In the case that a user  
> happens to
> delete a file or we want to return to an earlier version, that  
> should be
> possible.
> Is there a standard solution for this?
> I can think of various ways it might be done, but there doesn't  
> seem to be
> much on the net about doing it in practice. Support at the (in this  
> case
> Linux) filesystem level would be good. If Samba had an option to do it
> automatically, that would be good. I saw something about making  
> a .recycle
> bin for file removal, but I didn't get the impression this was  
> going to
> provide file versioning.  Less good would be having Samba hooks  
> allowing
> external scripts to be run pre or post file save, so that one could  
> use an
> external source code control system. Least good is to simply rely  
> on your
> backup schedule to hopefully allow recovery.
> Thanks for any help...
> Regards,
> Terry Jones
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