[Samba] samba - vmware - strange access problem

Ruben Jenster rjenster at arcor.de
Mon Mar 27 20:04:32 GMT 2006


I run samba, version 3.0.21b   for data exchange between windows in vmware and
the linux host (gentoo).

>  Samba was compiled without: -acl -async -automount -cups -doc -examples
> -kerberos -ldap -ldapsam -libclamav -mysql -oav -pam -postgres -python
> -quotas -readline (-selinux) -swat -syslog -winbind -xml -xml2

From time to I can't access my local samba share in 
the virtual machine anymore, usually this happends after having 
suspended/hibernated the system.

I noticed when browsing the samba share from within linux with th konqueror 
there is a strange file (only visibible within samba), with the name: 

It seems to be binary, don't know whether it contains sensible information so 
here is some readable text from the file
 When I delete this file and restart vmware player I can access my share
again.  Where does this file come from? Is this a lock file from samba? 

Any help appreciated.

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