[Samba] Running SQL over SAMBA?

Ephi Dror ephi at agami.com
Mon Mar 27 17:50:31 GMT 2006

Hi All,
Does anyone run SQL and/or exchange on SAMBA server share?
Are there any special considerations to take? would you be kind enough
to share your experience doing it?
Any special smb.conf configuration is required?
is there any performance issue  or functional limitations supporting it?
I am just wondering since Microsoft encourages block level access over
share/file level access. 
Microsoft generally recommends that you use a Storage Area Network (SAN)
or locally attached disk for the storage of your Microsoft SQL Server
database files because this configuration optimizes SQL Server
performance and reliability. By default, use of network database files
(stored on a networked server or Network Attached Storage [NAS]) is not
enabled for SQL Server.

However, you can configure SQL Server to store a database on a networked
server or NAS storage server. Servers used for this purpose must meet
SQL Server requirements for data write ordering and write-through
guarantees detailed in the "More Information" section of this article.
All versions of SQL Server open the log and data files using the Win32
CreateFile function. The dwFlagsAndAttributes member includes the
FILE_FLAG_WRITE_THROUGH option when opened by SQL Server. 
All comments are welcome and highly appreciated.

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