[Samba] cannot see the samba server when browsing

Robert Mortimer rmortimer at bluechiptechnology.co.uk
Mon Mar 27 15:03:45 GMT 2006

Name resolution for windows machines is by WINS or Broadcast. Broadcast is
not going to like the firewall. Wins could be configured if you look up the
ports to allow and run the SAMBA wins server on the linux machine. My only
question is what do you not trust on your local network (why the firewall?)


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> I would like to know if there is a rule that can be created in
> iptables that would allow a samba server shares to be seen on the
> internal LAN.  The interface is on eth0 the ip address of eth0 is
>  It seems that when I applied a firewall I have
> blocked smb from showing up.  Now the users cannot see any shares
> via Network Neighborhood , but I can map a drive via
> Start->Run->\\\sharename.
> This is on a Debian 3.1 server.
> Thanks
> Jon

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