[Samba] Windows not letting me connect to a samba server

John Heeyeol Yu hyyu at cs.tamu.edu
Mon Mar 27 03:48:30 GMT 2006

Dear all

In my case, when I click the exposed directory through Samba in Linux at XP
explore, the ID in window is already set "<Linux Machine Name>\Guest".
I tried to create Guest at regular Linux and Samba account. But that didn't
What else should I do?

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> Every time I try to make the connection it asks for the user name and
> password.  When
> I enter same widows keeps pre-pending the name of the computer to my
> username
> Thus:
> Computername/username
> And the aix box of coarse rejects the connection.  I am unable to find the
> reason for the

That is how windows works.    Try entering the username of

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