[Samba] ACL's being mysteriously removed from files/folders

Andi gmane at faerun.fsnet.co.uk
Fri Mar 24 03:36:57 GMT 2006

Every now and again, I have users complain that they cannot write into a
folder, or that files are read-only. Each time, the ACL's for a
directory are empty, or some/all of the entries are missing, but the
parent of that folder/file has a complete default ACL list.

Curiously, a disabled user account appears in the ACL list.

In nearly all cases, the directory causing the problem is owned by a
laptop user - I've only seen one instance of a folder being owned by a
desktop user.

Following the most recent incident, I've found that the disabled account
gets added when the ACL's are modified from the 'Security' tab from the
file/folder properties sheet in Windows.

However, the missing ACL entries are puzzling - I haven't been able to
reproduce the problem yet.

Has anyone body else experienced this, or have any idea's whats going
on? (It's been happening since 3.0.13 (or so))

(No logs with this at present, and I've just switched on extd_audit today)



Athlon XP 1.4Ghz
Suse 9.0
Samba 3.0.21 (SUSE RPM) + LDAP backend
Disk usage ~40%

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