[Samba] Problem creating Samba Admin account

Mont Rothstein mont.rothstein at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 21:19:34 GMT 2006

I am trying to create a Samba Admin account in FDS as per the final steps of

I've asked about this on the FDS mailing list with no luck, I am hoping
someone here will be able to help me.

I've created a file with contents:

Administrator:x:0:0:Samba Admin:/root:/bin/bash

I then ran:

/usr/share/openldap/migration/migrate_passwd.pl /tmp/sambaAdmin >

but when I get to converting the ldif to ldap via:

/opt/fedora-ds/slapd-<server>/ldif2ldap "cn=Directory manager"
password /tmp/sambaAdmin.ldif

I get the following error:

adding new entry uid=Administrator,ou=People,dc=forayadams,dc=foray,dc=com
ldap_add: Object class violation
ldap_add: additional info: unknown object class "kerberosSecurityObject"

As far as I know I haven't enabled kerberos anywhere.  Does anyone know what
I need to do to resolve this?


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