[Samba] Cups + Samba weird printing problem

Diego Noya dnoya at nixe.com
Thu Mar 23 19:02:28 GMT 2006

Hello everybody!, I'm having a weird problem related to printing from  
an M$ client to a Samba printer and after a time searching in the net I 
didn't find any clue....

The situation is this, I've got a Samba 3.0.14a running on Slackware 
10.1 server with cups 1.1.23, on both the raw printing option has been 
 The clients workstationt are, in most cases, Win2000/Win XP. The users 
need to logon into the domain in order to access the shared services and pr

There is no problem printing from any linux / unix machine on a given 
printer but, in a few ocassions the priting from a Win client falls 
This mean that, sometimes the print job is never printed, or a page or 
two is printed.

In most cases the origins of the print job are MS Office suite 
(currently we use Office 2003 and XP) in particular excell and word are 
leading the
ranking,  a few times the problem was reported with .pdf documents.

There's nothing in the logs, as far as I've been looking, that may give 
me any idea of where the problem is.

Have you had this problem ? Any ideas ?

Thanks in advance.


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