Patrick AUDON patrick.audon at martec.fr
Thu Mar 23 10:30:10 GMT 2006

Hi to all,


I have a samba acting as a PDC with 'passdb backend=smbpasswd'. My version
of samba is 3.0.14a on linux Debian 2.6.8.


I have defined an interdomain trusted connection with a NT4 domain.


I can see the trusted accounts and groups, and add them to local group with
the 'net rpc group.' command.


My problem is when I want to allow one user from this trusted domain to
access to a share. The group seen by samba and sent to unix is the primary
group which is the domain account group.

I want to change this primary group, but I haven't seen tools for that.


Could you help me ?


Thanks for your help.

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