[Samba] Files look "empty" on samba client

Mike halesm at xtra.co.nz
Thu Mar 23 05:08:38 GMT 2006


I have an OpenVMS machine running pathworks shares. Working OK for Windows 

On Redhat use mount -t smbfs to create mount point. On VMS side can see a 
non-guest connection from administrator. On Linux box I navigate from the 
mount point to a directory with some text files. When I type "cat test.txt" 
I get nothing.

If I re-mount with ttl=10000 and try the same thing again, same thing 
happens but if I do ls - l first and then cat test.txt it SOMETIMES returns 
the contents of the file. This only works with ttl=10000.

Anyone seen this type of problem before ?


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