[Samba] samba as file share server

Saitans saitans at aim.com
Wed Mar 22 12:10:27 GMT 2006

Svr1 = Windows IIS
Svr2 = Windows IIS2
Svr3 = Linux with Samba

 I am load balancing 2 IIS servers and want to share a some files which will be common for both the servers, so i am planning to integrate a samba file server which will be hosting all required files on it, now i want to know which should be the ideal setting that should be done so that anybody can access those files without any authentication in our case 2 iis web servers, any one can delete, retrive, save, open files, i know this is risky but this is will be in internal lan etc and only there 2 IIS servers will have access to it, which is the best optimum solution for this.. ?? what will be the draw backs and how can i give root access to both the IIS servers on samba file share ??


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