[Samba] Configuring BDC

ashok cvs ashokcvs at gmail.com
Wed Mar 22 04:45:05 GMT 2006

Hi all

I have a samba PDC(3.0.21c with openldap 2.3.19) . and some file servers as
domain member server( linux with samba 3.0.21c).
i would like to setup BDC. according to  samba documentation BDC's to have
slave ldap server is optimal solution.

i have 3 different locations, so at 1 location i would like to setup PDC,
and another 2 location's i would like to setup BDC's
Q) can i have this type of setup ?
Q) if i can, how do i configure DNS of the BDC, whether it should be
secondary dns server or it should also have a master DNS server
of the same domain.  By default PDC's have the DNS with DHCP (ddns


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