[Samba] 2 Windows DCs, one crashes, PAM Winbind stops working

Thomas Limoncelli limoncelli at web.de
Tue Mar 21 23:03:59 GMT 2006

Josh T wrote:
> I am using Winbind & NSS/PAM on Debian Linux, joined to a Windows 2000 
> AD Domain, to provide email (SMTP/POP3) based on Windows username and 
> password.  I have two Windows 2000 Servers for domain controllers, DC1 
> and DC2.  Over the weekend DC2 had a CPU fan fail and it overheated and 
>  crashed.  Once DC2 failed, PAM Winbind stopped working and my users 
> could no longer log into their email until I fixed DC2.
> I would have thought that Samba would use DC1 if DC2 was unavailable? 
> Does anyone know what is wrong with my config or else what I could do to 
> avoid this in the future?

Similar issues have been discussed before:


I'd recommend upgrading to 3.0.21c (Debian packages available) to fix 
the known issues.


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