[Samba] Re: Client login delays - especially after reboot

Barry, Christopher cbarry at silverstorm.com
Tue Mar 21 20:33:24 GMT 2006

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> Not had any responses yet regarding this problem..I'm pretty 
> stumped and
> would really appreciate some help if this is a problem anyone has seen
> before.
> Thanks
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What exactly have you done to troubleshoot this so far?
* have you reproduced the problem consistently?
* do any hosts NOT have problems? What is different between them?
* have you sniffed the wire and looked at the traffic?
* have you set debug level looked in the logs for any clues?
* have you ruled out name resolution issues? (WINS and/or dns)

Have you posted any of your findings and/or configs? If not, start
there. If you have, please reference them in another post.


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