[Samba] Re: RHEL3, winbind, "Error looking up domain users"

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Tue Mar 21 19:46:01 GMT 2006

Jesse Guardiani wrote:
> Hello,
> I've been attempting to get this working all day. :)
> I have an RHEL3 machine connected to a Windows 2000 PDC
> as a domain member. I'm running samba 3.0.21c, compiled from an SRPM:
> # rpm -q samba
> samba-3.0.21c-1
> When I try to list my users, I get this:
> # wbinfo -u
> Error looking up domain users
> Exit 1
> Similarly, `getent passwd` fails to show any SMB users. But
> `getent passwd some_previously_authenticated_smb_user` works fine.
> `net rpc info` doesn't return anything. `net rpc user -S PDC -U USER`
> works, but only if I specify the PDC and USER.
> I have winbind working for authentication, but I can't seem to get
> it to list users or groups. This is problematic, as I am forced to
> make my users authenticate before I can use the new UID/GID to create
> directories. That's just not good.
> Is this a known issue with RHEL3?
> I'm seeing nothing in the logs and my attempts to strace
> haven't shown me anything useful either. Any pointers?
> Also, the W2K PDC is running Active Directory. I've seen some info
> about connecting to an ADS domain in the howtos, but I haven't tried
> it yet because of the RPM hell I would have to go through to get KRB5
> updated past 1.3.1 on RHEL3. Is this the problem? Do I need to connect
> to it as an ADS instead of a normal PDC?

Turns out that RPM Hell was the way to go. W2K + AD indeed requires ADS
in samba, even though you can get basic auth working without ADS. So I
upgraded my KRB5 to these:
     (downloaded and installed e2fsprogs-1.35-12.3.EL4.i386.rpm and
     e2fsprogs-devel-1.35-12.3.EL4.i386.rpm from RHEL4 to satisfy the
     deps first)

Found from this post:

Then I rebuilt samba-3.0.21c-1.src.rpm from the samba website and installed
the new binary RPM with --force.

And I put it all together with a combination of these:

And the KRB setup stuff from this:

I'm not sure if the KRB setup stuff was necessary, but I was getting KBC
errors before I tried it, and it worked after I tried it, so I'm not complaining.

`wbinfo -u` now works, along with `getent passwd` and everything else! Woo hoo!

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