[samba] Problem with SAMBA+HEARTBEAT [solved]

Mike mmortier at it.ramadaparkhotel.ch
Tue Mar 21 12:20:27 GMT 2006

OK thanks a lot ;

I read that It was not a good thing to set /var/run in the mirooring partition!
Do you know why?

But I did it -

I found the problem:
I stopped SAMBA, removed the wins.dat, modified smb.conf in order to authorize only eth0:0
(Cluster's IP) and restarted SAMBA.
Everything is working well now (and with /var/run/samba in /share) ;-)


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On Tue, 2006-03-21 at 12:17 +0100, Mike wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have two servers ZEUS (MASTER - and POSEIDON (SLAVE - with HeartBeat+DRBD+SAMBA installed ; HeartBeat is controlling SAMBA.
> I have a big partition which are mirrored /share.
> I moved all important directory on it. For example:
> # mv /var/lib/samba /share/cluster/varlibsamba
> # mv /var/cache/samba /share/cluster/varcachesamba
> and I make a link for each one:
> # ln -s /share/cluster/varlibsamba /var/lib/samba
> # ln -s /share/cluster/varcachesamba /var/cache/samba

I had to move /var/run/samba as well before samba worked in a cluster.


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