[Samba] multiple samba server

ict ict at wildernesse.kent.sch.uk
Tue Mar 21 09:04:07 GMT 2006

i have spent the last three days setting up a samba PDC with openldap, i
finally seem to have gotten this working, but require some info on
setting up additional servers this is the layout i am after.

samba PDC / directory server
all user accounts here maybe some shared areas

secondary file server 
student home directorys and profiles for windows and linux

third file server
teachers home directories and profiles for linux and windows

i will either use the third server for printing or set it up on another

what i would like info about is how to integrate the other servers into
the samba PDC like info on how to configure samba on these machines.

if some one can point me in the right direction, most of the info i have
found seems to be aimed at a single server.

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