[Samba] RHEL3, winbind, "Error looking up domain users"

Jesse Guardiani jesse at wingnet.net
Mon Mar 20 22:30:09 GMT 2006


I've been attempting to get this working all day. :)

I have an RHEL3 machine connected to a Windows 2000 PDC
as a domain member. I'm running samba 3.0.21c, compiled from an SRPM:
# rpm -q samba

When I try to list my users, I get this:
# wbinfo -u
Error looking up domain users
Exit 1

Similarly, `getent passwd` fails to show any SMB users. But
`getent passwd some_previously_authenticated_smb_user` works fine.

`net rpc info` doesn't return anything. `net rpc user -S PDC -U USER`
works, but only if I specify the PDC and USER.

I have winbind working for authentication, but I can't seem to get
it to list users or groups. This is problematic, as I am forced to
make my users authenticate before I can use the new UID/GID to create
directories. That's just not good.

Is this a known issue with RHEL3?

I'm seeing nothing in the logs and my attempts to strace
haven't shown me anything useful either. Any pointers?

Also, the W2K PDC is running Active Directory. I've seen some info
about connecting to an ADS domain in the howtos, but I haven't tried
it yet because of the RPM hell I would have to go through to get KRB5
updated past 1.3.1 on RHEL3. Is this the problem? Do I need to connect
to it as an ADS instead of a normal PDC?


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