[Samba] file corruption

simo idra at samba.org
Mon Mar 20 21:33:58 GMT 2006

On Mon, 2006-03-20 at 21:39 +0100, urza wrote:
> Hi to all!
> I've been using samba for about six months: I've set up a file server,
> replacing a small windows 2000 server. I'm using samba 3.0.21c on a
> linux slackware 10.2. It is used to share two spreadsheet programs and
> file connected to them...
> Everything runs fine, except for a file, which is processed and saved
> several times in a day. After few weeks, this files got corrupted and is
> no longer available to the software which is using it (an heavy-modified
> spreadsheet): I need to replace it with a previous backup.
> Samba's volume is a linux partition formatted in reiserfs: is it a good
> file-system for my purpose? do you recommend me other filesystem? The
> corrupted file is 4.3mb...
>  I used it with two smb clients: windows 2000 e windows 98. I set samba
> as a master server, domain logon (for win98 box) and simply user
> security. It doesn't seem to have any file permission problems... But,
> anyway, is a very little server: it has only got two users!
> Should I change filesystem? Maybe using fat volume could help?
> Thanks for your feedbacks!

I do  not like reiserfs particularly, but I would not blame it yet.
I would first check that the difference in platforms libraries and,
perhaps, version of the program you are using is not the mixture that
made the corruption. Differences even at the redirector level on how
oplocks are used may well account for shared files corruption.

If you are able to reliably reproduce the problem we can see if t is a
client or samba bug, if you can reproduce it only on a samba server but
not on a windows hosted share, we are really interested in seeing traces
and samba at debug level 10.


Simo Sorce
Samba Team GPL Compliance Officer
email: idra at samba.org

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