[Samba] file corruption

urza iwillneverstay at yahoo.it
Mon Mar 20 20:39:33 GMT 2006

Hi to all!
I've been using samba for about six months: I've set up a file server,
replacing a small windows 2000 server. I'm using samba 3.0.21c on a
linux slackware 10.2. It is used to share two spreadsheet programs and
file connected to them...
Everything runs fine, except for a file, which is processed and saved
several times in a day. After few weeks, this files got corrupted and is
no longer available to the software which is using it (an heavy-modified
spreadsheet): I need to replace it with a previous backup.
Samba's volume is a linux partition formatted in reiserfs: is it a good
file-system for my purpose? do you recommend me other filesystem? The
corrupted file is 4.3mb...
 I used it with two smb clients: windows 2000 e windows 98. I set samba
as a master server, domain logon (for win98 box) and simply user
security. It doesn't seem to have any file permission problems... But,
anyway, is a very little server: it has only got two users!
Should I change filesystem? Maybe using fat volume could help?
Thanks for your feedbacks!


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