[Samba] can't seem to remove winbind cache

Emrys Hughes emrys at emrysmedia.com
Mon Mar 20 09:19:39 GMT 2006


I have an issue with winbind where new information isn't being  
transferred from my PDC. One of my users has changes their second  
name, and I have added another user.

When I run getent passwd safa on the  domain controller I get his new  
name, when I run it on the domain server it returns the old  
information. My new user doesn't show up with getent passwd or id.

I have tried the following:

Stopped winbind.
Deleted /var/cache/samba
deleted /var/lib/samba/winbindd_idmap.tdb
restarted samba
started winbind

To no avail.....what have I missed?

Thanking you in advance....


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