[Samba] Storing passwords in LDAP, but not a PDC

Robert Mortimer rmortimer at bluechiptechnology.co.uk
Mon Mar 20 09:22:19 GMT 2006

> Hello,
> Is it possible to store samba passwords in ldap without configuring
> samba as a PDC?  All the documents/references I've come across are
> related to using LDAP as a samba PDC backend, not as just a db file
> replacement.
> Thanks,

LDAP is a heavyweight store for massive amounts of passwords and extended
data needed to for 100s or 1000s of PCs. In a workgroup there is no central
password store. In a workgroup each windows (LINUX/Samba) machine has local
users and would never consult a central authentication database so the LDAP
would only hold accounts for the local Linux machine's users.

This is a Sledgehammer + nut situation

I suggest you look at the normal samba database

Regards Rob

> David Filion
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