[Samba] error:semaphore timeout period has expired

mallapadi niranjan niranjan.ashok at gmail.com
Sat Mar 18 08:51:57 GMT 2006

Hi all

I have a samba pdc (3.0.21c) with openldap (2.3.19) on a Redhat Enterprise
Linux 4 (2.6.9-5EL-SMP) kernel
i have Domain Member servers (samba server), i redirect my users to share
declared to in my domain member servers.
using logon script which gets executed when users logon . my clients use
windows 2k professional and windows xp.

my logon script is
@ echo off
net time \\mypdc /set /yes
net use p: /delete /yes
net use p: \\prjsrv01\projects
net use o: /delete /yes
net use o: \\dbsvr01\newprjs
net use v: /delete /yes
net use v: \\dbsvr01\signals
net use q: /delete /yes
net use q: \\dbsvr01\quality
net use h: /delete /yes
net use h: \\dbsvr01\intrmdls
net use i: /delete /yes
net use i: \\prjsrv01\datalib
net use t: /delete /yes
net use t: \\dbsvr01\training

the above script runs when the user logons but gives the following error.
current time at \\mypdc is 3/18/2006 1:53pm
The command completed successfully

There are open files and/or incomplete directory searches pending on the
connection to p:
p: was deleted successfully.

System error 121 has occurred.
The semaphore timout period has expired.


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