[Samba] Samba (3.0.21) PDC works from remote network, but not from local network...

Brian S. Powell bpowell at osc.edu
Fri Mar 17 23:02:54 GMT 2006


We're running Samba 3.0.21a compiled from source as our PDC.  We have
two separate networks with a router in between.  The samba server is
running as the only WINS server on the two networks.  The machines on
the remote network are set up through DHCP to look to the samba machine
as their WINS server, they also use it as a PDC.

Our problem is this.  Windows-XP machines on the SAME network as the PDC
are having a strange problem every time they are rebooted.  The
first time a user tries to log in, they get a "no logon servers
available" message and are denied access.  If the machine is then left
sitting for a few minutes and any user tries to log in again, it works
fine.  The logins also seem to take longer than I would expect.

The really strange part is that the Windows-XP boxes on the REMOTE
network do NOT have this problem at all.  We have tested every variable
we can think of by moving identical machines from one network to the
other and the results are always that after a reboot, the machines on
the local network cannot find the domain server, but machines on the
remote network can.

Has anyone ever seen this before and have some possible solutions?

Thanks in advance for any help!
Brian Powell  -  Senior Systems Manager, The Ohio Supercomputer Center
Phone: 614-292-6017      GPG(pgp) key at, http://www.osc.edu/~bpowell/

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Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. -- Benjamin Franklin, 1755
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