[Samba] Domain authentification problem with LDAP

James Taylor jtaylor at laszlosystems.com
Fri Mar 17 18:22:30 GMT 2006

I know that the last 2 versions of the script I am working with are missing
this function when using the -w switch (as documented) it will NOT add the
sambaSAMAccount information.  I have had several users also request a copy
of this script from me solving their problems with a similar issue.  It
seems very odd that there are so many similar issues lately on the posts
concerning the (I can't connect to the Domain).  Had it not been for the
fact I decided to look at the script itself I would not have found this
problem.  Going to the IDEALX site I would love to send them comments but as
my French is very minimal not too sure where to go.



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James - this is the second time you have made that reference to the
smbldap-useradd script.

There have been a lot and lot of versions of the smbldap-tools and
perhaps the version that you are looking at is missing something like
that but I assure you that most versions aren't.


On Fri, 2006-03-17 at 10:03 -0800, James Taylor wrote:
> The LDAP users you have created (including the machines) need to have the
> objectclass: sambaSAMAccount and the subsequent fields.  What are your
> add scripts and machine add scripts you are using.  Also, I have found
> the IDEALX tools have an error in the smbldap-useradd script which
> that when you use the add machine switch the sambaSAMAccount information
> not added to the LDAP database.  I do have a copy of this modified file if
> you need it.  Otherwise if you can edit the script yourself.
> James
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> We use samba 3.0.13 and openldap 2.3.6
> Members of the ldap group "Domain Admins" are working fine, but
> members of the group "Domain Users" can not login to the domain,
> and do not have access to the shares. Also, we are unable to join
> a windows xp workstation to the domain.
> Can anyone give me a hint where to start looking ... 
> Thank you
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