[Samba] get quota command

Toni Casueps casueps at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 17 17:18:29 GMT 2006

In the "get quota command" option of smb.conf I point to a script which 
outputs this line:

1 156484 100000 200000 6748 0 0

when called passing the uid of the user whose quota is to be checked as 
third parameter.
Also the script has read and execution permission for any user.
I have this problems:

- The clients don't get this information right (it shows instead the total 
disk space of the partition and the samba logs say that the output of the 
command is invalid)

- Samba always calls this script with "." as first parameter. I thought I 
could use this parameter to know for which of the shared folders is it 
asking the quota limits, but it always passes that parameter so I can't. 
Could this be a bug?

- (To developers) Wouldn't it be better to report to the clients the hard 
quota limit instead of the soft limit? This can cause that Windows doesn't 
upload the profile at logoff when the used space is over the soft limit, 
when actually it could be uploaded because the hard limit hasn't been 

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