[Samba] Samba Windows Performance difference browsing dir

Thomas Lagner tlagner at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 17 16:32:36 GMT 2006


Iam using Samba samba-3.0.21c.

I have an share with 2500 files, each file 500 Mbyte on an Win2003 SP1 Server.

Access from another Win2003 Server tells me 2500 Calls for Trans2 and 
QueryPathInfo if I browse the dir.

Access from Linux to the Win Share gives me 4900 calls. Performance is OK 
because of 100 MBit Lan.

If I access from Linux through an VPN-tunnel I have much larger response time 
and it need more then an minute to show the dir with an simple la command.

Reason seemed to be that Samba needs much more calls compared to Windows2003.

Any explanation for this or to decrease the time need to show the dir?

best regards


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