[Samba] domain users appear as local to samba

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Mar 17 15:25:05 GMT 2006

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Nikos Gkorogiannis wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a samba server (3.0.21c) that gets its UNIX user 
> info from nss_ldap. It acts as an ADS member server (the
> UNIX usernames match the ones in the Windows domain).
> Simple usage works fine: if I log in on a Win client as 
> DOMAIN\user then I can map a drive on \\samba\user and read/write
> and so on. However if I look up the security properties of a
> file in \\samba\user, the owner shows up as local to the samba
> server, i.e. \\samba\user as opposed to DOMAIN\user.
> My hunch is that when a Win client is asking about 
> ownership (or security) details, it does so in terms of
> SIDs, not usernames. And that Samba returns an SID which is
> arbitrary w.r.t the domain SIDs. How can I fix that? Or
> have I missed something obvious?

Your hunch is correct.  Run winbindd but do not set the
'idmap {uid,gid}' parameters and you should be fine.

cheers, jerry
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